Terrie Leoleos – Presenter
National Manager for Speak My Language
Mariette Mikhael 
NSW State Coordinator for Speak My Language
Anne Tong 
Media and Communications Officer for Speak My Language 
Dave Robinson 
NSW Multicultural Ageing & Disability Access Officer
NSW Bilingual Facilitators 
In this training session we discussed the role and responsibilities of being a Bilingual Facilitator as part of the Speak My Language program. 
We looked at the resources you receive as part of your involvement, and what is expected of you from the Café Conversation and live radio recordings. 
To view a recording of this webinar click here, and use your intranet password to log in. 
The presentation slides can be downloaded below.


In this webinar you will learn how to work effectively with radio to deliver targeted content about aged care in CALD communities. 
Special Guests: 
Anne Tong – Host
Media and Communications Officer for Speak My Language 


The Speak My Language program is an initiative funded by the Commonwealth Government under the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund Research and Innovation Grants 2017. It is proudly supported by ECCNSW and its primary partners ECCV, ECCQ (Diversicare) and our national broadcasting partners SBS and NEMBC.

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