We are excited to collaborate with over 80 multicultural and ethnic radio broadcasters 
from across Australia to bring you Speak My Language. 
This page will be updated regularly as our team grows. 



3CW radio station is owned by Ostar Media Group, which is an Australia’s leading Chinese media group with multidimensional media platforms, established on Sep 18, 1999.

It covers metropolitan areas of New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory-Canberra with radio, newspapers, magazines, TV programs, social media platforms and events.

Sandra Shen

Sandra has had more than 20 years experience in broadcasting, including TV and Radio in both China and Australia. 

She will be working with Henry Liu, to deliver Speak My Language in Victoria. 

Read more about Henry here

Lisa Lin


98.9 North West FM

98.9 North West FM is a local community radio station with a full time license based in Hadfield, near Glenroy in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The station is dedicated to providing service, radio training, communication, information and entertainment to our members, supporters and to the people of our community.

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Emmanuel Brincat

Copy of Emmanuel Brincat 98.9NWFM origin

Emmanuel Brincat’s interest in Ethnic broadcasting started way back in 1995, at 3ZZZ. He is now the Vice President at 98.9 North West FM and chair all Ethnic Broadcasters meetings at 98.9 North West FM.


He is very pleased to be the broadcaster as he realised that radio plays an integral role in connecting the older Maltese community. His program engages with the community by providing local news and keeping them informed with the homeland. 


Emmanuel also involved with the Maltese community and truly understand how much they need to know or understand more about the aged care system.

林麗(Lisa Lin)澳大利亞3CW中文電臺粵語組節目主持人,在當地華語電臺服務了近二十年,熱愛主持人工作,也熱愛服務華人社區,經常參與各項活動及做採訪宣傳工作,深受華人聽眾的喜愛和支持!


VOXFM 106.9

Voz Portuguesa

Every Monday evening from 6-8pm Vox FM hosts "Voz Portuguesa". This show has been aired for the past 28 years and is run by the Voz Portuguesa team, which includes Adriana, Patrica and Zita.

Every Monday tune in to listen to traditional Fado Music, and different styles of music from Portugal, with information about the local Portuguese community and international news and information from Portugal.

Patricia Laranjeira


Patricia (pictured on the far right) co-hosts the Portuguese Program “Voz Portuguesa” on VOXFM. 

Patricia is also our Bilingual Facilitator, who will be delivering Speak My Language in New South Wales.

Read more about Patricia here

Tavce Gravce

Tatjana Neskovska

Every Sunday evening from 6-8pm Vox FM also hosts "Tavce Gravce", a Macedonian radio program. 

The show is heard by listeners in Europe, and is also very popular in Macedonia thanks to Facebook live streaming!


Tatjana is the host of "Tavce Gravce", the Macedonian Program on VOXFM in Wollongong on Sunday nights from 6pm to 8 pm.


I enjoy bringing the Macedonian program to our Listeners in Australia as well as Macedonia and Europe with the help of life streaming and Facebook.

I also love keeping my culture alive as it brings me a lot of pleasure to be part of my community and to help to keep the community involved with our tradition, culture and music.

I was also on the board of directors at VOXFM for the last 12 months.


4EB 98.1

Tamil Oli

Tamil Oli is part of a non-profit community radio station called “4EB community radio”


“4EB community radio” is formally known as the Ethnic Broadcasting
Association of Queensland Limited (EBAQ) and is broadcasting 50 ethnic radio programs and Tamil
language broadcast is one of the 50 languages supported by 4EB.
The “Tamil language radio program”(https://www.4eb.org.au/tamil) started in 1986 running a 45- minute program and now it has expanded to broadcasting 7 hours per week.


FM 98.1 : Friday 4PM-5PM &Sunday 9PM-10PM.
DIGITAL: All days except Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM-8PM.

Bharathi Rajendran


I migrated to Australia in 2016 and quickly discovered myself as a Radio host for Ethnic Tamil programs
broadcast in 4EB 98.1. I am a Software Engineer by profession and happy to volunteer for Tamil radio
program Tamil Oli.

I am an active member in various multi-cultural activities happening around Brisbane and a member of
committee for Tamil Language. I understand the importance of media in bringing the Tamil community
closer and together in and around Brisbane and also take part in cultural activities on behalf Radio 4EB- Tamil language.


I feel privileged for being a radio host for the special program relating to Australia aged
care system.

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Katharina Loesche

Katharina is an award-winning journalist, her podcast “The Runners’ Guide” about vision impaired runners won “Best National Radio Documentary 2018” at the CBAA Awards.

Her ability to convert even complex relationships to easy-to-understand visual and audio features enabled her to work on a broad range of topics, including politics, business, social affairs, culture and sports. With more than 15 years of experience in TV, radio and podcasting, she has worked for international companies ranging from FMCG, Telecom, Retail to Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. Brisbane based, she is the Queensland correspondent for SBS Radio German and a broadcaster at Radio 4EB 98.1FM, Australia’s largest multicultural community radio station. 

4EB German Program