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Special Edition: Filipino Community Conversation in Woy Woy

Special Edition: Filipino Community Conversation in Woy Woy

Anju Mathur, Bilingual Facilitator for Speak My Language, rolled out Ageing Well in Australia with the lovely Filipino community in Woy Woy alongside Jenelyn Terkildsen (Multicultural Access Officer from Connect Ability in Gosford).

These women (pictured) have come from different walks of life and shared their respective journeys with us, discussing how they all get together and look out for each other. They talked with honesty about what ageing well means to them – from playing tennis, Tai chi, doing Zumba, singing to love of travelling, the value of family; being a carer; to getting their nails and hair done and having a laugh together.

They have made beautiful friendships within the group, giving them a sense of belonging and purpose through getting together and speaking candidly about the way they reach out to each other when they need emotional support. 

We had so much fun doing recordings with these lovely women who did Zumba, Tai Chi, sang Que Sera Sera and shared with us their secrets of ageing well and having a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Healthy Soul.

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